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Criminal Record Expungement

Fighting to Clear Criminal Records and Seal Criminal Records

A criminal charge on your record creates not only current legal anguish, but can also work against you far into the future. Expungement is available to wipe the slate clean, allowing you the fresh start you deserve.


We will fight to allow clients in Illinois a clean slate and a fresh start. Certain statues dictate who is eligible for an expungement, and these laws vary from state to state. The Lawyers at the offices of Brian Wright and Associates are prepared to represent your interests.

The outcome of your petition for expungement has the power to affect your ability to secure a job, necessary loans, income, rent and many other staples of life.


Many local judges and prosecutors are often reluctant to allow these, requiring a full hearing to consider the matter. Without skilled representation, you go into these hearings blind and potentially unprepared for what may be asked of you or presented.


As your representatives, we do everything in our power to fight for this on your behalf. We fully understand how much this impacts both your life and that of your family, and we are committed to providing you the most comprehensive service possible, seeing the case through to the end.


To fully understand all of the unique circumstances and details of your case, we provide a free phone consultation. We learn where the matter stands and what needs to be done to see it through to success. From there, we can craft representation tailored to your needs and situation.


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