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Erase your debt without a Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement

- We contact all of your creditors and negotiate a mutual agreement to accept a lower amount as satisfaction for your debt

- Nothing is done without your permission

- You are in control of everything

We are not the same as a Debt Settlement Company

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If debt is constantly on your mind, let us help relieve some of your stress.  The longer you wait the worse it tends to get.  Call us today, our consultations are FREE!

To simply put it, debt settlement is a good solution for individuals who have some money saved up but not enough to pay all of their debt.  Of course there is a little more to it than just that. Schedule an appointment and find out if you can afford debt settlement. We will personally go through all of the numbers and answer all of your questions.  You can trust Wright and Associates will be honest and forthcoming in presenting all of the best debt relief solutions to you.

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- We only charge a flat fee not a percentage of money owed or percentage of money negotiated

- We will not outsource your debts to someone else to handle

- Everything goes through our office

- We do all the work while keeping you informed every step of the way

10% Discount for all Veterans, Active Duty, and Reserve Service Members

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